Hasselblad camera

Hasselblad lens shutter repair manual

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This manual comes direct from Hasselblad and contains step-by-step instructions on the repair of the Compur shutters in the Zeiss/Hasselblad Lenses (you will find that the Prontor shutters are very similar—if you can repair one, you can repair the other). The manual also includes all the shutter part numbers.

I had a Hasselblad franchise for about 10 years, and with a great deal of difficulty, I was able to obtain this manual from the Hasselblad repair department. You will receive a photocopy of the original. There are about a dozen pages that are 2nd generation copies, therefore, they are not the best copies, but this is a very, very, usable manual—in fact, you will find it a real lifesaver on lens shutter repairs.

The manual is 99 pages in length.

The price of the Hasselblad lens shutter repair manual is $49.99 + FREE SHIPPING to any USA or foreign location.