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New Hasselblad light trap seal for the Hasselblad film magazines by Dick Werner

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Made in California for 50+ years ★ 35,000+ sets sold ★ The only authentic alternative is my eBay account

HEALTH NOTE: These items should post no additional risk to your health. Light seals are made out of materials stocked long before the COVID-19 outbreak. Each order is prepared and packed in an access-controlled isolated environmet.

I am offering for sale some of my original new Hasselblad Trap Seal (Light Seal) Kits for the Hasselblad film magazines with a copyrighted manual for $15.00 + FREE SHIPPING to any USA or foreign location. Always available.

These trap seal kits, which consist of one NEW foam and one NEW late model Mylar foil, will fit and work on all your Hasselblad film magazines. If you have a light leak, you need to replace the trap seals on your film magazine, as this is the only place your magazine can leak light. If shooting professionally, you should do this at least once a year, as the trap seals do wear out, and it is a shame to develop your film and find that the entire shoot has to be done over due to fogging of the film. Most professionals change these trap seals about once a year to insure that they will not have fogged film on a shoot.

Seal kits are manufactured by me. I have used these seals on literally 1,000's of magazines with no problems. In fact, about half the repair technicians throughout the country are using my seal kits at this time. Seal kits are time tested. It will take you no more than 5-10 minutes to change seals. A small screwdriver is the only tool required to change the seals on any film magazine.

Seal kits come with a copyrighted instruction sheet as pictured below. This instruction sheet will answer all your questions on changing the seals.

A hint for checking your trap seal

Naturally, if you have random light streaks across your film, you have a light leak and bad seal set. Beyond this, you can check your trap seal in 2 ways. Remove your dark slide and hold the magazine up to a very bright light. Looking at the dark slide area from the opposite side of magazine (from the crank side), check to see if there is light coming through anywhere the dark slide would come through. If so, you have a bad trap seal set. You can carry this a little further, by inserting the corner of your dark slide into the magazine and twisting very slightly on the dark slide. Again, if you see any light coming through, you have a leak. The leak will normally start at the upper edge of the seal, so especially look at this section of the seal.

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