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Hasselblad camera body repair manual

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I am offering for sale a real repair manual for the Hasselblad camera bodies. This manual, which is so very easy to use and understand, can save you hundreds of dollars in body repairs. The manual is not an exploded view type manual that you see others advertise. Exploded view manuals are useless to most people.

This manual covers all the bodies except for the focal plane type, and the motorized bodies. I do not take the body completely apart in this manual, as it is not necessary to do so. 99% of the body problems can be cured with what I show you in the manual and I do it in a step by step fashion. This is a step by step manual that anyone can understand and use to save some money on Hasselblad body repairs.

Some of the problems solved in the manual are as follows:

Here are some comments from Hasselblad owners who have used this manual:

I just received the body manual. Those who have his manual on Hassy backs will really appreciate this manual on the bodies. True to form, his photos are great, text refined and clear, and he gives sound advice. An essential for those who want to hear from experts on how your camera is put together-thanks for the great work!
I received the body repair manual, and boy is it helpful. My compliments to your expertise!
The manual is indeed worth every penny. Everything is laid out in incredible detail
I do appreciate your help, and your booklet is not only saving me money, but is helping me to make some as well.
I have both the magazine and body repair manuals and all I can say that they are wonderful texts for anyone who owns this camera and wants to avoid paying ridiculous prices for it's maintenance. Things are explained in a straightforward and easy to understand way and easy to apply in practice, so that even someone who is not a camera technician can easily do it. There are no mystifications about *special tools* or other devices needed. Hasselblad is, in fact a very simple camera to repair if you know the right procedure, the right way to diagnose the problem, isolate it, and that's where this manual cuts in, straight to the point! I myself, and I am sure all of you, will share my enthusiasm. There will be nothing else a Hasselblad owner would need in order to have his equipment in perfect working order all the time
Just wanted to say I was impressed with the body manual- it covers all the common problems-I fixed the hanging curtain problem and even revived the mirror pre-fire on an old body I got on eBay
You saved me $150-and I know its done right-That Hassy body has got to be the Harley-Davidson of cameras-NICE WORK

The price of the Hasselblad camera body repair manual is $39.99 + FREE SHIPPING to any USA or foreign location.

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